About Management

Mr.Dipak Amin - Director

Dipak Amin is commerce graduate having attractive personality with positive attitude towards life and his work. He always involved in the business and its establishment.

Dipak Amin is a founder of Shreeji Overseas . Company was established in the year 2007 with the blessing of Lord Shree Krishna and parents. Company basically involves in the filled of foreign education and immigration. Company has started with small office with one chair and table. First counselling of Shreeji Overseas by Dipak Amin was without any basic amenities which are required for office .But today Shreeji Overseas is known globally and existence in all over India. The company was started with the Rs. 25000/- which is taken from the father and today company having turnover in crores which tells the story of success of Dipak Amin.

Being a founder of Shreeji Overseas having good hands of experience in the field of immigration and Foreign Education. He is having in-depth knowledge of global Immigration, student visas and consultative services.He has established friendly and strong relationships with the foreign education provider to make available advanced and user friendly service to their valuable clients in all the aspects.He always keeps their eyes and ears on the latest news and update on the student visas and immigration from the any of the country around the globe and update it with their staff and the clients.

As a director of ShreejiOverseas, he provides in-depth counselling to the students and the clients for their visa related services and queries.He deals with the foreign education provider and tries to get highest benefits for their valuable clients.Invites foreign Universities and colleges for the spot admission and assessment for the students who with the take their higher education into the various countries around the globe.Organise the seminars to update latest news and events to the clients and people.

Dipak Amin continuously examines administrative effectiveness and seeks better procedures in the field of Visa & Immigration. He always develops successful administrative strategies like effective counselling , solution of all doubts of the clients related to their abroad study , detail information with accuracy and correctness , expert and true opinion about the application , visionary eyes for the result of the application that led to brilliant results , client satisfaction , maintain relationship , retrieve the trust of the clients and give a stand globally.

Dipak always establishes effective systems for information retrieval through errors, mistakes and surveys.

Dipak Amin has very nice communication skills. He effectively communicates expectations from their team and the team always fulfils the expectations. Excels in facilitating group discussions and encourage team to work as a team to get succeed. He always shares idea and techniques to get the positive results. He always stay friendly with the employees. He is having ability to build strong relationship with associates and clients.

Dipak always displays a harmonious and cooperative spirit by inviting various college –University delegates for spot admission & Seminars from the various countries. Being a Boss of the company he always stays calm and gladly shares their experiences and expertise with their staff , clients , associates and delegates.

He is ready initiates and executes creative ideas to get the success and brilliant results in the field of Visas. He also seeks new ideas and approaches their employees and clients to keep company up to date.

Dipak Amin is an effective team player who adds complementary skills and contributes valuable ideas, opinions and feedback. Communicates in an open and candid manner and can be counted upon to fulfil any commitments made to others on the team. This is distinctly different from those who withhold ideas and opinions, offer ideas or opinions that rarely add value to team discussions, have established a track record with many unmet commitments, and have not contributed skills that complement the skills of others on the team.

Dipak Amin has very noble interpersonal skills to recognizes the needs of others and reaches out to lend a helping hand. He always believes that effective working relationships lead the company on unexpected position. He generates synergy atmosphere to work in the friendly nature and without pressure. Dipak is always builds on mutual dependence and understanding for their clients , employees and associates. He has visionary eyes to see their company on the top of the sky so he has different style to Promote the company culture among the people.

As many businesses are very busy, there sometimes isn’t enough time to check in with all of your employees on a personal basis. Although they are getting the work done as a team, Boss/Founder might not be sure how they are progressing individually. But Mr.Dipak Amin having expert reviews of all his employees. They are thinking that Employees are assets of the company which creates the balance sheet of Shreeji Overseas.

Mrs.Vaishali Amin Manager

Mrs.Vaishali Amin who is well educated and experienced employee of Sheeji overseas works for the client satisfaction.

Manages all the visa related services for the prospective clients. With the collaboration of the foreign universities and colleges she deals for the students.

She gives guidance for Admission procedure, Scholarship Assistance and Visa applications for the students. Advise them to select their destination and desire courses.

Counsel for the Immigration related services.

Ms.Pinal Amin head of Intl Marketing Officer

Ms.Pinal Amin who is completed their Master s degree in Business Management for the University of Wales, UK and working for the Shreejioverseas as an International Marketing Officer.

She deals with the education provider of the various countries, discuss admission & Visa requirements for their organisation and country.

Mr.Arpit Mistry Head of Intl Marketing Officer

Mr.Arpit Mistry has completed their Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management from the Ealing Hammersmith and West London College which is publicly funded college of United Kingdom.

He is having international exposure of Marketing and he explores the world for ShreejiOverseas. He deals with the Foreign Delegates, Company Directors, Immigrations Lawyers and Government Officers for getting tie ups, Company collaboration, get updated immigration system, new government policies for International Students and Migrants which can help Shreeji clients in all the aspects.

He represent our great Country India and SHREEJIOVERSEAS around the world and make foreign people to trust of us and work for us.

This will increase the country growth and quality of Shreeji Overseas.

Mr. Nimesh Mistry

Nimesh is very benevolent person having attractive personality. He effectively manages and facilitates meetings and group discussions to take the business on height. Effectively enforces company values and polices without evoking negative reactions from outsiders, rivals and negative people. Excelled and consistently improved at developing strategies by delivering stellar performance in visa applications, counselling and registering students, managing relationship with associates.

Nimesh feels himself very innovative and very strong by his mind so he always developed successful strategies pertaining to administrative tasks such as making of SOP, Covering Letters, and supporting letters to make the application strong enough to represent in front of visa officer in the respective embassy which produced amazing results of visa grant.

Innovative nature of Nimesh fosters a spirit of innovation within the team and everyday make new to handle client and to maintain relationship with the delegates. Proactively shares expertise with the rest of the team which results best for the company.

Delegates thoughtfully by matching with an individual’s strengths and expectation from the company and deals accordingly. He has an innate ability to think of various types of methods of improvement. Consistently drives effective customer experience strategies. Nimesh is very hard working, and Shreeji Overseas is always like to have such kind of employee in the company balance sheet.

Mr. Rahul Tendulkar

Rahul exceeds expectations in the role of Administration & sales associate. He adapts to change easily, works well under pressure with a positive attitude and is detail-oriented. Rahul goes beyond the call of duty by seeking out and following up on additional responsibilities, and contributes frequently to department meetings.

Rahul is an active listener, manages his time efficiently, demonstrates professionalism and is always conscientious about the quality of his work. Although Rahul works well independently, he would benefit from additional team-building skills. He is commerce graduate and having attractive personality and speaking skills to handle difficult situations too. He builds effective professional relationship with all our associates and clients. Follows and abides by the company culture and inspires the same amongst peers. Harbours and builds strong relationship with the team member and work together to achieve the goal or target. Rahul always completes deadlines as promised. Ability to think of alternatives such as how to make visa oriented application which produced brilliant results.

Quite resourceful by showing skills to turn problems into opportunities and make company on the higher position.

Rahul Tandlekar is assets to Shreeji Overseas and company is happy to have very honest and handsome employee.

Mrs. Saloni Kansara

Saloni continuously exceeds expectations in the role of admission coordinator. She effectively adapts to change, works well under pressure while maintaining a positive attitude, and has an exceptional ability to provide detail, which are especially critical to our department’s need to meet strict client expectations, admission application & visa application deadlines and ever-changing demands. Saloni goes beyond the call of duty by continually seeking out and following through with additional responsibilities and contributing frequently to company meetings. Saloni is an active listener, managers her time well, and demonstrates exceptional professionalism and conscientiousness about quality of work. Although Saloni works exceptionally well independently, she could benefit from additional team-building skills and experiences. Displays an ability to learn rapidly and adapt quickly to changing situations.

Saloni is very nice by nature and having cooperative and positive attitude towards her life and work which creates new values of the company in front of the world , Shreeji is happy to have such kind of employee .

Hardik Thakkar Marketing executive

Main role of Marketing Executive is market the thing and bring it success. The same role of Mr.Hardik Thakkar plays in the ShreejiOverseas. Meets the co business partners ,visa officer, education ministers and get the informative knowledge regarding the current market demands regarding the Study and Migration.

He establishes the connection of shreejioverseas around the India and represent the Shreeji amongst the people.

Mr.Kashyap Soni Legal Advisior

Mr.Kashyap Soni has finished their LLB and practise as a Legal Advisor in the Nadiad Court and also works for the ShreejiOverseas as a Legal Adviser.

Mr.Naishadh Shah Accountant

Mr.Naishadh Shah is a Senior Accountant in the ShreejiOverseas and Manages the accounts of Shreeji.

Miss. Utsavi Kansara

Dedication towards work and perfection up to the end of the application is the best characteristic of Utsavi Kansara. Shreeji Overseas is always finds best employees to serve client in the best possible way. She effectively manages communication at all levels and work hard to achieve the success. Accomplished optimal levels of performance with great sincerity in areas such as admissions, visa applications and file related issues. Builds on understanding and mutual reliance with the delegates of the colleges & universities which Shreeji represent to serve client in the best way.Utsavi is graduate from Information Technology and having skills to handle multi task assign to her within the time frame. She always maintains the good relationship with our associates and clients by her beautiful and calm nature. Effectively maintained and organized documents to avoid duplication and keeps admin level up to date. Accomplished amazing results by displaying marked improvement in visa applications and granted highest visa success.

Utsavi Kanara is assets to Shreeji Overseas and company is always happy for valuable employees.